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Root Canal

Dental surgery is a much more hands-on approach to oral health. For this reason, you require the assistance of an experienced oral surgeon.  Nucleo Dental is made up of highly specialized oral health professionals. We strive to stay up-to-date on the most advanced oral health advancements. This allows us to provide unbridaled care and service.

Root Canals

Root Canals: Endodontic Treatment

On the surface, teeth may look like nothing more than pearly white mounds whose main purpose is to help us chew food. Beneath the white enamel and the hard layer of dentin there is an intricate system of tissue known as pulp. Blood vessels, nerves, and tissue are found within the pulp. Pulp helps the root of the teeth grow as it develops. When your teeth are healthy, you will be able to go about your day without giving a second thought to your pulp.  You’ll be able to chew food leisurely and not feel any pain with each bite. Although the pulp remains within the tooth, it can still get infected or inflamed for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, you will experience pain when performing even the simplest action with your mouth, from chewing to speaking. If this occurs, you may require a root canal treatment.                   

What Patients Should Know About Endodontists

The thought of removing the pulp of a tooth may seem counterintuitive, but once the tooth has developed fully, the pulp has served it main  purpose. Removing infected or inflamed pulp is the best course of action in order to  save your mouth and gums from further issues. A pulpless tooth continues to be nourished by the tissue that surrounds it, even after the pulp has been removed.


When it comes to root canal treatments, it’s necessary to see an endodontist. These specialists have completed over two additional years of study and training beyond dental school. This knowledge gives them the distinction of specialists. Nucleo Dental’s endodontists make use of innovative methods that focus on precise, virtually pain-free treatments. Infected or inflamed pulp will be removed.


What Goes Into Root Canal Treatment?

The main objective of a root canal treatment is to remove the  inflamed or infected pulp from within the tooth in question. Your endodontist will  achieve this by removing the pulp within the tooth. Once the pulp is removed, the interior of the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected. Now that the tooth’s interior is basically empty, the endodontist will place a filling in order to seal the interior of the tooth. A crown will then be placed on the tooth in order to restore it to its original function.


Specialized Endodontic Services Provided by Nucleo Dental

The Nucleo Dental team is able to treat a wide range of root  canal issues, all under one roof. Since we offer all-encompassing care, we are able to treat our patients as quickly and effectively as possible. Not all root canal issues are the same. The following are some of the most common endodontic services we have to offer.


  • ApexogenesisA method that uses stimulation in order to make the end of a tooth root close in a traumatized root with healthy pulp.

  • Apicectomy: Tooth root operation is necessary when an infection develops and refuses to go away after a root canal treatment.

  • Endodontic Surgery: Surgery can help save your tooth in a variety of situations. Your tooth may have a tiny fracture or canal that cannot be detected unless you have surgery. Calcification is another problem that can be resolved with surgery by cleaning and sealing the canal. Infection can also be treated with endodontic surgery.

  • RetreatmentsRoot canal treatment can last many years but sometimes a tooth may not heal as expected. Retreatment is advised in these cases. The tooth is reopened, the existing root canal filling is removed and the canal is cleaned. A new root canal filling will be placed.

  • Rod PlacementAfter endodontic treatment is completed, a part of the tooth’s root is removed and a post is placed. This will allow for the reconstruction of the tooth.


Root Canal Treatment                               

Whether you require a simple root canal or you’re facing more complex issues, Nucleo Dental can help. Our practice is made up of experienced endodontists who will gladly treat a wide variety of issues. Since we offer all-encompassing care, patients won’t have to drive to a different dentist office to receive specialized treatment. We offer it all under one roof. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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