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Teeth Cleanings & Plaque Removal

How Nucleo Dental Came To Be

Even the most fervent brusher can fall prey to plaque. As advanced as many oral health companies say their toothbrushes are, they are unable to clean teeth as thoroughly as a dentist can. The habit of brushing your teeth at least twice per day or after every meal is a great lifestyle choice, but it’s still necessary to receive regular teeth cleaning services from Nucleo 

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Dental in order to avoid periodontal disease and gingivitis, among many other dental health issues. We recommend for our patients to receive two professional teeth cleanings per year.

Keep Your Teeth Really Clean, For Real!

Teeth cleaning (which is also known as prophylaxis) is a process that eliminates dental plaque accumulation in the tissue around your teeth. Through prophylaxis, your mouth and gums will be protected from periodontal disease and gingivitis. Since bacteria from plaque grows and thrives in gum tissue, it’s your dentist’s goal to get rid of the plaque in order to keep your mouth healthy and free from disease. Teeth cleanings not only get rid of plaque buildup, they also remove stains and result in fresher breath. It’s easy to see why regular teeth cleanings are so beneficial in our daily lives!


What To Do if You Have Too Much Plaque

If you have too much plaque buildup, the prophylaxis process may be more encompassing than what you might expect from regular teeth cleanings. Scaling tools may be used to remove as much plaque as possible. Root planing may also become necessary in order to prevent bacteria from creating bigger problems. General or local anesthetic may be required for this process. As always, depending on the severity of your plaque buildup, your dentist will offer the best treatment method.

Get Rid of Your Plaque

Whether it’s time for your next teeth cleaning or you require  prophylaxis treatment, Nucleo Dental can help. Contact us today to learn more about our teeth cleaning options. Our office is located in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and we do accept American insurance. Come experience a brighter and healthier smile, today!

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