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The Important Role Fluoride Plays in Keeping Our Teeth Strong                    

Our teeth need all the help they can get. This is where fluoride comes into play. Fluoride is a natural material is usually added to drinking water in order to cut down on tooth decay.

But how exactly can a naturally occurring mineral strengthen our teeth as we ingest it in water? Nucleo Dental will gladly answer that, and any other question you may have!


Children and Adults Alike Benefit from Fluoride

Fluoride is beneficial for the young and older generations alike. Since children’s bones are growing and developing at such a rapid rate, fluoride can concentrate in the children’s bones and teeth. Fluoride hardens the enamel on both baby and adult teeth before they emerge. This mineral also continues to help the enamel of adult teeth remain hard after they’ve emerged.


What To Do If Your Community Water Supply is Not Fluoridated

Although fluoride is often present in the community’s drinking water, there are instances in which the water is not fluoridated at all. If your family isn’t getting enough fluoride, they face a higher risk of tooth decay. Nucleo Dental can prescribe fluoride tablets or drops for your children to take on a daily basis so they can reap the benefits of having strong, healthy teeth! Fluoride varnish treatment is another option for young children whose first set of teeth are starting to grow. Varnish prevents tooth decay and helps your child have a good head start on superb oral health.


Nucleo Dental Assists Patients from All Over

Your teeth deserve the best of the best. Nucleo Dental has been providing our patients with excellent oral health services since 1990. We are your one-stop location for all your dental health needs. This means we’re able to treat both children and adults. If you’re ready to see the benefits of fluoride, contact our team!

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