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Total and Partial Dentures

Our teeth are invaluable resources. Without them, simple tasks  like eating or speaking becomes much more difficult. Although age and hereditary issues are often seen as the main culprits of tooth loss, there are many issues that can cause individuals to require dentures at some point in their lives. Unlike dental implants, dentures are easily removable and won’t require invasive surgery. Implants come in two varieties, total or 

Nucleo Dental

partial, to perfectly suit your exact needs. If you’re in need of dental implants, Nucleo Dental will gladly help.

What To Expect From Your Future Dentures

When it comes to dentures, it’s paramount for them to fit comfortably and work effectively. Since they will basically replace your teeth, any pain can render your dentures moot. This step is known as the “fitting” and you may have to go through a few different fits until you find the perfect one. It’s important to understand that your future dentures will, in essence, become your new teeth so they should fit perfectly and cause no pain when you use them. If you’re going to receive total dentures, odds are some of your teeth may still remain. Your dentist will have to remove these teeth in order for the total dentures to fit accordingly. Partial dentures are often reserved for individuals who have only lost a couple of teeth. Dentures should be comfortable and look as natural as possible.


Dentures: The Process of Creating Your New Teeth

The process of creating dentures that perfectly suit your needs starts by casting impressions of your mouth with moulds in order to craft the right dentures. Bite moulds will also be taken in order to make sure you’ll able to bite down comfortably when using your future dentures. Once all these steps are taken care of, it’s time for the fitting. Patients with total dentures often take more time to get used to the feeling of their new artificial teeth. Partial dentures may also take some getting used to. Regardless, your dentist will gladly answer any questions you may  about caring and using your dentures so they’ll work as well as your natural teeth.


Properly Caring for Your Dentures

Once you receive your dentures, it’s time to take care of them accordingly. Although they’re removable, you should still care for your dentures as if they were your natural teeth. Your dentist will provide the right care instructions so your new dentures will be able to look and feel as they did when you first got them.Some basic denture care options include removing and rinsing them after eating, cleaning your mouth after removing dentures, and brushing your dentures on a daily basis. Dentures are fragile and should be handled with caution. They can bend or get damaged easily which will cause them to fit less comfortably. Once you get your dentures, you will be responsible for caring for them. If they become loose over time, your dentist will gladly adjust them. Loose dentures can lead to painful irritation and infections so it’s crucial for them to fit just right.


Choose Nucleo Dental for All Your Denture Needs


If you’re in need of dentures, Nucleo Dental is ready to help. Our team has been serving patients from all over since 1990. We continuously implement the newest, highest-quality services so our patients can achieve the greatest degree of oral health. Contact us today.

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