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General Dentistry

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General Dentistry: Treating The Most Common Oral Health Issues

Our oral landscape can be seen as a garden or a battlefield. A garden because our teeth and gums require constant care and attention in order to be as healthy as possible. A battlefield because of all the bacteria and threats our teeth face on a daily basis. Regardless of which metaphor you ascribe to, one thing remains true: oral health is an unquestionable necessity. The first line of defense against oral health threats manifests as general dentistry. This umbrella term describes a variety of general oral health services. Dentures, fillings, and extractions are some of common examples of general dentistry.


General Dentistry Services Provided by Nucleo Dental

Nucleo Dental is dedicated to providing all-encompassing oral care. Although teeth are strong and resilient, they can still face a variety of issues, many of which can be linked to hereditary issues or simple negative lifestyle choices. These issues can cause teeth to become weaker, eventually requiring crowns to make them stronger or extractions to remove damaged or diseased teeth. This is what one can expect from general dentistry services. Nucleo Dental is proud to offer the following services:

  • Prophylaxis

  • Dentures (Total or Partial)

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

  • Fixed Prosthesis

  • Removable Prosthesis

  • Crowns

How General Dentistry Helps Patients Restore Their Oral Landscape

General dentistry spans a variety of issues and degrees of severity. Crowns can be seen as the most basic form of general dentistry as they can be used to protect weak teeth from fracturing or for covering discolored or poorly shaped teeth. Crowns are generally used to cover (or “cap”) existing teeth in order to save the teeth from further damage. Dental fillings can also be seen as more basic forms of general dentistry. When a tooth is damaged or decaying, its normal function can be restored with the assistance of dental fillings. These fillings do exactly what their name suggest, they fill the tooth in order for its original shape and strength to be restored. Since there are many filling options available, Nucleo Dental will be able to assist you with the perfect choice for your particular situation.

Facing More Severe Issues

If the oral health issue becomes more severe, other services may be required. When a tooth faces extensive decay or fractures, fillings or crowns may not be able to provide necessary aid. In these instances, it will become necessary to remove the tooth in question. This takes places through a process known as “extraction.”


Whether you’ve lost teeth due to age, hereditary disease, or any other issue, Nucleo Dental will be able to restore your oral landscape with general dentistry assistance. Dentures and prosthesis are common options for individuals who are missing one or many teeth. With these options, you’ll be able to speak and eat comfortably without struggling.


Nucleo Dental Provides General Dentistry Assistance

Even individuals who maintain proper oral health can still face a plethora of issues, from plaque buildup to tooth decay. One thing remains true: oral health issues can become unbearably painful if they’re not dealt with accordingly. Nucleo Dental is ready to treat whichever oral health issue you may be facing. Whether your teeth require crowns to restore their strength or your mouth requires fixed prosthesis to restore its shape and function, we can help. Contact our team today so you’ll be able to smile brighter tomorrow.

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