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Common problems

Dedicated to the treatment of diseases of the pulp of the teeth and their healing techniques, we use innovative methods for precision treatments and virtually pain-free. Check our prices, they are standard regardless of the number of canals.

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  • ApexogenesisStimulation to make the end of a tooth root close in a traumatized root with healthy pulp.

  • ApicectomyTooth root operation is necessary when infection develops and refuses to go away after a root canal treatment.

  • Emergencies: Patient comes in with excessive pain. Injuries to the hard dental tissue and the pulp.

  • Rod Placement:  After endodontic treatment is completed, a part of the tooth’s root is removed and a post is placed. This will allow for the reconstruction of the tooth.

  • Retreatments:  Root canal treatment can last many years but sometimes a tooth may not heal as expected. Retreatment is advised in these cases. The tooth is reopened, remove the existing root canal filling, and clean the canal. A new root canal filling will be placed.

  • Endodontic Surgery Surgery can help save your tooth in a variety of situations. Your tooth may have a tiny fracture or canal that cannot be detected unless you have surgery. Calcification is another problem that can be resolved with surgery by cleaning and sealing the canal. Infection can also be treated with endodontic surgery.

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