The Aesthetic and Health Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

bright smile due to cosmetic dentistryMany people associate dentist visits with excruciating mouth pain or discomfort, but there are many reasons to visit your dentist. It can be for routine and common maintenance or for aesthetic reasons and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Part of what we do here at Nucleo Dental is help people that have struggled their whole lives with confidence issues brought on by misaligned, crooked, or ugly teeth.

The name cosmetic dentistry can often be off-putting to people who automatically assume that it is something exorbitantly expensive and reserved only for the rich and famous with piles of cash to throw around. This, of course, isn’t the case. Many of these services include standard procedures that help people improve their smiles and even their oral health.

Improve Confidence

If you’ve struggled with bad teeth your whole life you are probably used to hiding your smile, covering your mouth when you laugh, or even refraining from smiling when first meeting someone. A common affliction, for example, is gaps between teeth. People that have this are often self-conscious and embarrassed. Cosmetic dentistry can offer a solution for this common problem through dental veneers. The process is a relatively easy and painless procedure that fills the gaps with teeth-colored resin.

Improve Career Paths and Social Life

Our smiles are unique and they help us stand out against others. They make impressions on people, express our joy, laughter, and help us communicate with others in important ways. Another way cosmetic dentistry can help you is through teeth whitening.

It might seem superficial, but the benefits of fixing your teeth can actually have deep and personal benefits to your self-esteem that manifest in a more confident and professional demeanor. In this way, your dental health can help your career aspirations by making you more confident, resolute, and resilient.

Improve Appetite & Digestion

Teeth are there to help you chew and assist in the digestive process. Teeth that are missing, broken, or jagged might actually make chewing uncomfortable, difficult, or not very effective. We can help you with fillings, bridges, and implants that completely rehabilitate your entire mouth. A bad bite or missing teeth can also play a role in the way you eat and your desire to eat. You might suffer a loss of appetite simply because your teeth do not help you chew. This improper chewing can play a role in your gastrointestinal health— as it can affect your digestion and cause stomach issues. Many people will find that stronger and a more complete set of teeth will improve overall health.

Avoid Decay & Periodontal Disease

If your teeth are chipped, damaged, or broken, they become more susceptible to decay and damage. This might end up costing you more in the long run, both in terms of money and hassle. Fixing minor tooth problems will not only improve your smile, but it can help you avoid other major problems that worsen over time. When a tooth is cracked or in decay, this puts you at risk.

Choose Nucleo Dental for All your Needs

So with all the many options in cosmetic dentistry, there is no excuse for being ashamed of your smile. Come and see us today to see how we can fix your smile and get you feeling like yourself again. Call Nucleo Dental today!


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