Providing Teeth Whitening Services

Our teeth say a lot about us. A bright, white smile can radiate confidence and positive energy. Even if you care for your teeth by brushing and flossing every day, they may still look more yellow than you’d like. This is where teeth whitening services come into play. Although nothing should replace brushing and flossing, teeth whitening services can help turn your teeth from dull and yellow to bright and shiny, all in a matter of minutes! Visit Nucleo Dental today.

Lifestyle Choices and Tooth Discoloration

Lifestyle choices, such as drinking coffee and wine or smoking cigarettes, can cause your teeth to stain over time. Coffee and wine pigments have a propensity for tinting our teeth’s surface. This eventually causes our teeth to become more yellow as time goes on. These stains are somewhat difficult to get rid of. Although brushing regularly keeps your teeth healthy, it may not make them look as white as you’d hope. This is where teeth whitening comes into play.

How it Works

As far as dental procedures go, teeth whitening can be considered one of the easiest ones available. Your dentist will use bleaching agents that will break stains into smaller pieces which will make your teeth whiter and brighter than ever before. Having your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office may require a protective gel or a rubber shield to protect your gums from the bleach. Once your gums are good and safe, your dentist will place the bleach on your teeth and that’s that! Before long, you’ll begin to feel the great confident feeling of having pearly whites once again.

What You Should Know

People with sensitive teeth may be adverse to teeth whitening services since their teeth may feel extremely sensitive after they are whitened. If this is your case, simply let your dentist know about your sensitivity. There are options available to whiten your teeth without having to sacrifice comfort. Nucleo Dental is devoted to providing our patients with the best dental care possible. Contact us today so you can have a brighter smile tomorrow!