Periodontal laser surgery available to ensure less discomfort and faster healing.

Bone Replacement

Bone Replacement is a surgical procedure in which lost or missing jaw bone is replaced with a substitute material. Different sources:

– Cadaver bone, bovine bone, synthetic bone substitutes (US bone banks)
– It can be obtained from the patient’s own bone

Gum Replacement

Gum replacement can be done either with connective tissue graft usually from the palate or with alloderm (an acelular dermis graft which will avoid a second surgical procedure). This procedure can aid in root coverage or create queratinized tissue around teeth or implants.

Crown Lengthening

A surgical procedure performed to expose a greater height of tooth structure to properly restore the tooth prosthetically.

Aesthetic Gum Remodeling

Remove excess tissue to reveal more of your teeth. Eliminate gummy or toothy smiles. Laser is used for this procedure.

Periodontal Treatment

Surgery of the gum tissue and treatment of the surrounding teeth and bone. Gingivitis and periodontitis are two common problems that can be helped with a periodontal treatment. Laser treatments are used to avoid many surgical procedures.