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Although our teeth may be strong and resilient, they are not invincible. Trauma or impacted teeth can lead to issues that will require oral surgery. Not treating the trauma in time can cause your mouth to get infected, eventually resulting in more drastic outcomes. If you’re in need of oral surgery, Nucleo Dental is ready to help. Dental surgery is a much more hands-on approach to oral health. For this reason, you require the assistance of an experienced oral surgeon. Nucleo Dental is made up of highly specialized oral health professionals. We strive to stay up-to-date on the most advanced oral health advancements. This allows us to provide unbridaled care and service.

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Getting Rid of Those Wisdom Teeth with Third Molar Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal is the most common form of oral surgery. Since our jaws are too small to accommodate this third set of molars, many issues can occur once the wisdom teeth erupt. There are cases in which the individual’s jaw and gum line has enough space for the third molars to erupt accordingly. More often than not, however, there isn’t enough room and the molars will fail to emerge fully. The teeth become impacted which results in painful swelling and may even lead to infection. The best way to avoid this outcome is by having your wisdom teeth surgically removed at the first sign of their presence.

Treating Dental Trauma the Right Way

Dental trauma—which can refer to injuries to the teeth, gums, and lips—requires oral surgery. Children and young people tend to experience dental trauma more commonly than adults and elderly people. Contact sports can lead to dental trauma as well. Oral surgery can treat injuries to:

  • hard dental tissue and the pulp
  • supporting bone
  • periodontal tissue
  • gingiva or oral mucosa

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