I had 3 root canals and 2 posts, and 3 gold crowns and 1 3/4 crown with gold and porcelain . All my work was done very professionally and my crowns match the other crowns I already have . Dr. Moran and his staff were great and his office is very clean and has latest equipment available.

Nucleo dental was much more reasonable in prices than what I would have paid in the U.S. His staff answered my questions very professionally when I called to make an appointment. The driver came and picked me up and took me back to el paso just as promised.”



My crowns match the other crowns I already have
Treatment Received: Root Canals, Dental Crowns

“I had full restoration. 20 caps and 4 bone grafts and implants. My teeth were small grayish white. had 4 old Bonding places that were comming loose 3 other decay spots [ugly] molors were at end of life and home dentest had no plan other than pull them. He assumed I could afford nothing else and he was probably right if I had not come to Mexico.

The first trip [I flew from Missouri 3 times] First I got the panoramic xray and a picture of me, I was to stupefied to think about smiling big for a before. I will get Implants in the back but I will only have 1 set of molars 4 implants. [even here adding 4 more a lot of $$.] We speak of different options from composite and implants to all crowns in different materials and he gives me printed pricing for all options. I picked Emax. Dr. Moran said they use lab with 3d printer for all their crowns so the tooth shape is more like real teeth.

Day 2, Dr Moran starts on the top teeth. He drills down my top teeth for the caps and pulls the back teeth that need pulled. I get bone grafts on both sides top and bottom and they place temp mold on teeth so I can rest at hotel a while. Edgar takes me to pharma for scripts and to hotel ,he comes back for me in afternoon. removing the covering from my teeth I started being electrocuted with nerve pain. It seemed there were 3 teeth that could not even be touched Dr Moran came back in and took over. He lasered all the top teeth and he had to numb them again. Then he put the real temp teeth on, he lengthened the tooth by cut/laser some of the gum to make room for longer teeth and remove damaged gums from the gum disease.

The next day was same but on bottom teeth file down, temp coverings, they look and feel nice and back to hotel. they made the real temps pick me up put them on, adjusts the bite and the feel inside my mouth. This last part was part my urging, I will be many miles away and can not run back and get an adjustment. The Dr is happy to do this for me as we both know I will be wearing them for 6 months. back to the hotel. Dentist is very good at listening and I think this is the thing I like most. You are involved in your process. I go home for 3 months tomorrow. [My gums are now healthy no pockets].

4 months and I am back for the post/screw, base of the implant. He is using a camera that is a xray! used a square’ish solid marble/metal/lead? and puts it behind the area he wants to focus on and the camera like tool clicks, in a second or 2 the xray picture comes up on board we all see the xray he is drilling in the exact place the tooth used to be, I can see the bone graph that has filled the space which appears to have married well with the bone. He uses a tool that seems to be digging into the bone graph first? I can not see or really feel exactly what but seem to feel graph/bone in my mouth. He drills and then takes another pic,on the upper molar when we get close to where he needs to be he uses a tool and taps it saying that the top jaw bone is softer but the lower is very hard. When he gets them the depth needed he puts the implant screw in place. I come back {in 3 ish Months}. I will need an entire week.

Monday thru Friday. last time here. I have temps removed, molds taken, temps back on and 3 days to get my real caps including the implant crowns. Relax at hotel. Back for the new teeth day 5 and they and cemented in and bite adjusted and fixed implant crowns also. when I smile they are Pretty and you can not see space in back now that first molars [implants are finally in place.They are beautiful. I leave next day. very happy!

Nucleo Dental called back right away after contacting them. They sent pricing for their procedures that I was interested in, only one they did not do was gum flap surgery. As it turned out I do not need this. The first appointment with Dr. Moran was a consultation. We discussed the options I had, [wow that is different than what I am used to in US]. We speak of different options from composite and implants to all crowns in different materials and he gives me printed pricing for all options. I picked Emax. Dr. Moran said they use lab with 3d printer for all their crowns so the tooth shape is more like real teeth and they are pretty.

I am very impressed with the clean bright space, the advanced tools, laser and instant xray camera that shows up on the board in seconds there are no awkward biting down on stuff, Dentist used flat smooth oval [metallic marble?] held behind tooth/teeth pictured in 2 seconds on the board across the room, I could see all while he worked. [home perio is not the same level professionally]. This is the most professional, friendly, knowledgeable, effective, efficient and interesting dentest I have ever seen. I had 1 tooth chipI plan to wait till summer for better weather and get it replaced, it is guaranteed. My teeth are beautiful and my mouth is healthy. I had all this done last year [2015] I would like to thank the staff and Dr Moran I have been blessed to find them.”


″They are beautiful. I leave next day. very happy!″
Treatment Received: Bone Graft, Dental Implants

“Hi I am Michael I had 3 bridges 2 crowns 2 root canals. I researched US clinics in Texas, Oklahoma, and 2 in Arkansas.. Also tried Tijuana. I researched for 1 1/2 years, finally discovered Nucleo @ Juarez. They responded timely and continuosly. Also they never changed the price every time I called as you will find many do. They picked up on time, every time, I,ve made 2 trips. You will be treated like a celebrity. Every Doctor There very skilled and highly capable. Price very reasonable.


Clinic is very clean well maintained equipment. After having visited clinics in US Nucleo s Equipment is the same brands found in US. I do not know how they hire , but any fortune 100 company would be amazed at the staffs pleasant attitudes, and knowledge of their work task. Dr. Ernesto did the most work on my dental problems, but Dr Adrianna also was a sensational professional. When I left I felt I was leaving close friends.”


Michael Arlington

Every doctor there very skilled and highly capable
Treatment Received: Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns, Root Canals

“Wonderful experience. Friendly welcoming staff and “pain free” quality care. I will be back!”


– John

″I will be back!″
Treatment Received: Root Canals, Dental Crowns

“The clinic was very efficient and professional. We have begun our initial treatment and look forward to their completion.”

– David

″Excellent response and patient care″
Treatment Received: Dental Bridges

I’ve been going to Nucleo Dental for three years now. I had around 26 crowns and my wife had an implant. Their clinic is modern and new. Cost is roughly 40% to 50% of US costs, so BIG savings. I drive to the pickup point in El Paso where Edgar takes me over to Juarez (about a 15 minute drive), and later brings me back. You will need your passport and other identification. If I need to stay overnight, there is a nice hotel across the street from Nucleo Dental at a very reasonable price (which includes a light evening meal and a nice breakfast).

The whole staff is extremely nice. The dentists my wife and I have seen are Dr. Ernesto Moran and Dr. Julio Nevarez. Excellent is the best adjective to describe them. I was apprehensive the first time, but Nucleo is now my preferred dental experience. For my dental needs I now only want to go to Nucleo Dental.”


Treatment Received: Dental Crowns, Dental Implants

I have had a bridge for my front teeth for almost 50 years. I have had it replaced or repaired by dentists in Albuquerque,LA, San Francisco, Austin and Seattle over the years. After breaking it once again, I went to Nucleo Dental after speaking with various friends who have had work done around the world. The patient care team at Nucleo was world-class, bilingual, and the attention to detail was precise. The facility was extremely modern and Dr. Moran is very much involved and personally did all the work while using the most state of the art material and lab for the construction of my new Zirconia bridge. I also need a root canal so his pain management techniques were world class and very effective. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes. Thier shuttle service across the border was very efficient and their patient care coordinator Laurie Shapiro was both knowledgeable and always available for questions. My new smile is perfect and both I and more important my wife love it. My wife has begun the process of an implant and has a similar experience. My work at Nucleo Dental was about 75% less expensive or a quarter the cost, for the same work I would have received in the states and far more efficient.

Clean, modern, state of the art, efficient, and comfortable.



″Clean, modern, state of the art, efficient, and comfortable.″
Treatment Received: Dental Bridges, Root Canals

“Accompanied my wife for an evaluation for a dental implant procedure with Dr. Moran (and to attend to an immediate need for a failed tooth). I decided that I would make an appointment for the same day for a cleaning.

I was more than pleased with the cleaning and learned that I have some cavities that need attention. I will have the work done at Nucleo Dental during one of my wife’s future visits. Thus far we are impressed with the services offered as well as the support services of the Patient Coordinator, Lori, and Edgar, who provided transportation to and from the office from El Paso. We live in the mountains, east of Albuquerque, and while it is over a four hour drive, we are planning on using this practice for all of our dental needs in the future.”



″I was more than pleased″
Treatment Received: Dental Implants

“This was my first time crossing the border into juarze and a bit nervous . i was picked up by. Edgar at Costco at 9am. There was 6 of us and we got to the office at 920am. Office waa like any other that you have been too. was picked greeted by the staff in English filled out first time paper work. Was in dentist chair about 940 had a. I chipped crown replaced and a filling done and was finished at 1030am. Left dentist office and drove back to the border to ssve time we walked across the bridge

I am pleased with the care I received and the quality of the work was much better than I have received at my denist in Orlando. Cost was 400 for the crown and 75 for the filling. I am going back to have anothet crown done”


″I am going back to have another crown done″
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns, Fillings

“After wearing full upper dentures for over two years, I hated them so much that I made a decision to get implants. I knew how expensive the procedure was but after doing a lot of research and googling, I decided to go to Nucleo Dental for a diagnosis. They were thorough with preliminary x-rays,etc. I was especially impressed with their state-of-the art equipment. After getting a quote for what I needed, I scheduled my first appointment for my initial implants. Everything went very smoothly.
Well, to make a long story short, after several bone grafts, sinus lift, and six upper implants, a one year journey has passed and I am now wearing a permanent upper denture and am very happy with how everything has gone.

For the first time in over two years, I can now eat a steak and many other foods that I was unable to eat with my dentures. My bite force is now what it was when I had my own teeth and I have a movie star smile as well. Did I mention that I can now taste food better? I didn’t realize this but when the upper denture covers the pallette, it also reduces your ability to taste. I am very happy with the professionalism of Dr. Moran, Dr. Julio and the entire staff. Kudos also to the driver, Edgar, who goes back and forth from Mexico to U.S. over a busy bridge all day long transporting customers. Highly recommended.”



″Highly recommended″
Treatment Received: Dental Implants, Bone Graft, Sinus Lift, Dentures

“I saw Dr. Ernesto Moran Garcia of Nucleo Dental Clinic on Sept 20, 2016. I did not have all the recommended treatment done immediately. However I had crowns put on #2 and #3 (these are upper molars). After doing some drilling on #2 and #3, the dentist said the nerve on #2 was too exposed and he needed to do laser and medication therapy on it. I have never had laser treatment done before so I knew nothing about it. A temporary fused together double crown was placed on #2 and #3. When the anesthetic wore off a few hours later I discovered I had gum pain around the treated area. It took about 2 weeks for the gum pain to wash out. It would have been a bigger issue had it persisted, but it didn’t.

Another appointment was scheduled for October 12, 2016 9am to replace the temporary crowns with the real crowns. I called on October 10th and discovered that the appointment had been changed to October 12th at 4:30 pm. It’s good that I found this out before driving 400 miles from home again. I don’t know who changed the time from 9am to 4:30 pm. The finished crowns were placed by a dental assistant and they look OK.

I chose this clinic largely because most of the published reviews I saw on the internet about this clinic were favorable. However not everything went without a hitch although the final outcome was OK from what I’ve seen so far. Without question I saved a great deal of money compared to what the same treatments would cost in the USA. (I probably saved at least $1800 for those 2 teeth) This clinic provides free rides across the border from El Paso to Juarez. I would never want to drive into Mexico and take the risk I might get stuck in Mexico if my car broke down or something else happened.

What you can typically expect is having to wait a few weeks before you can get to see the dentist. That was true in my case.

I was charged only for the crowns. I was not charged for either the exam on September 20th, or the laser treatment on #2. You can have crowns done faster than 3 weeks but they charge more. I had to pay $800 total for the 2 crowns.

On both appointments I found that getting into Mexico was easy. They did not detain us at the border or ask any questions or ask for any documents. Returning to the USA is a bigger issue. That’s where having your passport is really important. If you have your passport, you don’t usually have any problems getting thru Customs.”



″I probably saved at least $1800 for those 2 teeth compared to USA prices″
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation, Dental Crowns

“Chose Juarez due to proximity to my home, ( 3 hour drive). Almost went for consultation with a different clinic, but found way, way too many negative reviews. Fortunately I was saved from that by good advice and chose Nucleo.

After an initial consultation 10/18/16, with Dr. Moran, and panoramic xrays a plan was established. Dr. Moran gave me a written quote at that time, and in the process never tried to add “extras” as many reviewers state other clinics in the area often do. He knew what he was doing and he kept his word.

Returning on 10/20/16 I had 6-8 uppers extracted, 4 implants installed, some bone grafting and flap surgery. Then a healing denture placed. I had reasons for trying to do all at once, but given how involved it was, I would not choose to do 4 hard hours in the chair again. Might try to spread it out a bit, still recuperating. Also for that much work I should have opted for the gas, I processed the local so quickly that Dr. Moran and 2 capable assistants, ( he told me they were also doctors,) were frequently having to reinject. I must say they were very attentive, each time I would start to break the arms off the chair, they noticed.

I will return in 3-4 months for placement of the porcelain upper on the implants. Dr. Moran told me these were Straumann implants, which is one of the major brands, he demonstrated how they work and showed me the constant images they took to be sure of proper placement. Indeed I have never had so many both photos and images of any part of me as they took of my mouth. That alone shows the level of care and professionalism at Nucleo.

Others have pointed out the levels of sanitation, equipment etc. I would say this clinic is equal to any I have tried in USA. One thing I have not noticed commented on is that this clinic is also frequented by professional Mexican citizens, which speaks to the respect and competency the clinic deserves. This is not just another cut rate across the border scam operation. Yes I am sure the locals get a “discount” as it should be.

My stitches are still healing of course, so the temporary denture does not fit too well. Dr Moran told me to adjust for a month or so, and if the fit is not good, return for reline, or remake if necessary.”


Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation, Extractions, Dental Implants, Bone Graft

“I had ground down my teeth pretty bad and needed a whole mouth reconstruction, I was quoted 50,000 dollars in Denver CO. After researching Dentists in Mexico, I decided Nucleo Dental was the one for me. It only took 2 quick trips to El Paso Texas (they pick you up in El Paso and bring you back to El Paso after your appointments) They prepped all my teeth the first trip and installed temporay teeththen a month later I returned for my new crowns.

I am very happy with my decision to choose Nucleo Dental, everyone was so nice and efficient. Dr Julio Nevarez Moncada was awesome, I cant believe how smooth this went. It probably would have taken many months and many visits to dentists in Denver and the price was only a third of what I would have paid in the states. I would totally recommend Nucleo Dental to anyone who needs affordable dental work and top notch care”


″Everyone was so nice and efficient″
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns

“I visited Nucleo Dental in the fall for a total mouth reconstruction and Dr. Julio Nevarez prepped all 28 of my teeth for crowns and I was fitted with temporary crowns then returned 1 month later for my new zirconia crowns.

After researching a few dental clinics in Juarez I chose Nucleo Dental, and I am so glad I did, my experience was nothing short of amazing. My total mouth reconstruction took a total of 5 days. In the states it would have taken many months and cost 3 times more . Dr. Nevarez and his assistants where efficient, kind, and very professional and the clinic was very nice. I am thrilled with my new smile and the treatment I received at Nucleo Dental. They picked me up in El Paso and drove me to the clinic each day and each morning I was quickly received for treatment, and driven back to my hotel at the end of each days treatment. I would highly recommend Nucleo Dental if you want top notch care at a reasonable price this is the place to go.”


″I would highly recommend Nucleo Dental″
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation

“My husband had a bridge done. He needed five front teeth and a root canal.
Dr. Moran did a beautiful job at about half the price of the quote we got in Albuquerque. I had an implant done. I never experienced any pain. I didn’t even have to take the pain medication. I am so pleased with the results and the price!
We both enthusiastically recommend Dr. Moran .No need to speak Spanish!”


″I am so pleased with the results and the price″
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation

“It was amazing! I haven’t been to the dentist in years. I had broken my wisdom tooth and the molar next to it clean off at the gum line. Dr. Moran was super! I felt no pain and it was very comfortable surgical removal procedure.

They exceeded all of my expectations! From the pick up in El Paso to the treatment as well as cost saving vs U.S. dentist.”



″I felt no pain and the procedure was very comfortable″
Treatment Received: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

“After I had an accident the full upper caps and bridges I had installed a decade ago broke off and there were not enough left to do caps again. Dr. Garcia recommended all on 4 upper implants and I went for it. I was very impressed with the personable nature of Dr Garcia and all his staff. The provisional was always an ugly experience, but that is to be expected. On the 2nd appointment they had everything molded and fitted. The gums were cut back to expose the implants and some bone grinding was done, I did not expect but all was to be ready in 3 weeks to a month after healing.

I returned for the last appointment with only one day off for the expected 1 hour appointment. While I am still very pleased with the clinic, I am disappointed with the upper implants. First the lab sent over something that did not fit which resulted in me staying the whole day while waiting for lab to remake it. The Dr and staff stayed late to deal with this as they ordinarily close early on Saturday. I got out around 5pm or 6pm.

The implants stays in as it should, but it was painful to eat or remove for a month. I attributed that to healing gums, but after a month the problem persisted. I had to take Dremel to carefully sand away poorly executed protrusions that cut into my gums. Who expects to have to do that after $8000? I still have odd bumps on the outside but the thing is so sticky to food that I am hesitant to possibly increase that. It has always gotten food up inside, but it comes out with scrub.

The clinic was sanitary and modern. I should have done more research and requested porcelain I guess. Bottom line is I am very impressed with the dentist and staff but, very unimpressed with the lab they used for me”



″Hygienic and modern″
Treatment Received: All-on-4 Dental Implants

“This is an addendum to the review I recently posted. On the same day the review was published Lori (very helpful liaison with gringos) called and affirmed that they wanted to make me happy with the upper. She advised I could return for a full replacement.

All I can say is WOW! I am on extended assignment and it will be some time before that is possible, but I am very impressed.”



″I am very impressed″
Treatment Received: All-on-4 Dental Implants

“After having a poor experience with another clinic, I prayed for one that was better. After researching and reading the reviews for Nucleo Dental, I made my first appointment. From the beginning, speaking with Laurie Shapiro, the Treatment & Transport Coordinator , was pleasant. Because of this interaction, I felt more calm about going to the dentist. The clinic is clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly, professional and speak English. Ms Shapiro was there and took the time to ease any fears I may have had, which helped . I met Dr. Moran initially who respectfully conducted my consultation. Dr. Julio Nevarez, who did my treatments, was assuring and gave me explanations to my satisfaction. Kudos to Edgar, the Van Driver who is friendly and safely transports the clients.”



″I felt more calm about going to the dentist″
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation

“Best Professional Dental Facility I have ever been to. And believe me, I have had excessive work done plus paid higher prices here in the U.S. and my only regret is not finding Nucleo Dental sooner…

I had a root canal and an extraction was done at more than half the cost I have paid here in the state of TX with little to no pain. Dr. Moran was so thorough in his explaining of my extraction and made me very comfortable. I have never had an extraction with hardly any pain. Dr. Alonso was very gentle in performing my root canal. Very efficient. I am thrilled at the experience there. The staff was also very courteous and helpful. I will be back again. I’ve suffered lot’s of trauma due to bad dentistry but not anymore. My only regret is not coming here sooner.”



″My only regret is not coming here sooner″
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation

“I had the first phase of two implants and one filling. There was no pain as I expected. Everything went smooth and I’ll return in three months to complete my procedure.

This has to be the best dental visit experience I can remember. From pickup to drop off. (Picked me up a parking lot, took me to the clinic and dropped me back at my car). Awesome and highly recommended!”



″This has to be the best dental visit experience″
Treatment Received: Dental Implants, Fillings

“Excellent service, professional staff, very courteous, wonderful prices for top notch work.

Very positive and pleasant experience. If you are looking for a great dental clinic in Juarez, this is the one!”



″Wonderful prices for top notch work″
Treatment Received: Root Canals

“I found this clinic through Whatclinic. I had called Washington Clinic to find they do not do Periodontal work, which I needed. I had ‘flap surgery’ where the gums are peeled back to fully clean teeth. Also, I had an extraction of a top molar because it was loose and there was bone loose due to bacteria. After the extraction, the loss of bone was replaced by the pacing of inert bone material.

I am most pleased with the initial surgery I had done yesterday. Dr. Moran is very very good, gentle and explained the procedure very well considering his English is not his native language. I was very impressed. I go back for more surgery in three weeks and from yesterday, for an implant in four months.
I recommend this doctor. I am a retired Chiropractor noticed his office runs like a finely tuned machine.

My experience (under the circumstances of being a dental surgery) was excellent. Be sure to ask your questions so the doctor can explain to you all. He doesn’t know what you know – so ask him. There could be a bit more fine tuning of just what is expected of the patient going across the border but it worked out okay without any hitches. No brainer, GO.”



″His office runs like a finely tuned machine″
Treatment Received: Extractions